Volair Sim to Exhibit at the Great Lakes Aviation Conference

Volair Sim will be exhibiting at the 13th annual Great Lakes Aviation Conference in Ypsilanti, Michgan on January 25-26, 2013. We invite all of our current and prospective customers to come out and check us out. We plan to have the fully-configured Flight Sim cockpit for you to try out Volair Sim in action.

See you there!

Volair Sim Updates

Codemasters’ F1 2012 with Logitech G27

Example of Volair Sim Cockpit in action with the Logitech G27 wheel and paddle shifters. I really like the new Codemasters’ F1 2012 game. Awesome graphics and driving dynamics. The three monitor wrap-around really makes you feel like you are right there. I only wish the driver had more skillz 😉

BTW, I had my wife try to drive in 1st gear just to get her opinion and she said it felt so real, it made her nauseous. I guess this is what we were striving for (the realism that is, not getting people sick, lol).



Racing Set-up with Logitech G27

So today was a F1 day at the Volair Sim. We mounted the Logitech G27 wheel/pedals, and shifter. I am pretty impressed with the G27 – for around $200 you get a very solid product with a very good force feedback. For the software, we used the 2012 F1 sim – quite nice as well. Only problem was the driver! Man, I my driving skills were rusty. In retrospect, I should have started with something more arcade-like.

So the Volair Sim is pre-configured for the Logitech G27 which means you can permanently mount the steering wheel, shifter, and the pedals with screws vs. the clamps. This will give you an ultra-secure, stable set-up although to be honest the clamps work pretty well. So if you thinking about switching between flight sim and racing, you may want to use the semi-permanent installation so you can switch between the two set-ups.

Let us know if you have any questions. Happy racing!


Volair Sim Updates

Why Volair Sim?

We really believe that Volair Sim offers the best combination of features for the money. So, we took some time and did, hopefully, an unbiased comparison between Volair Sim and some of the most popular and respected flight or racing sim chassis systems out there. Here is a summary of features, benefits, and pricing:

I think you will agree that Volair Sim, simply stated, has the best bang-for-the-buck ratio. It is also the only sim chassis out there that has been developed from the ground-up with the VFR or IFR pilot in mind. There are no compromises – you get all of the mounts and accessories standard. This, combined with the fact that Volair Sim is the ONLY flight chassis out there that is factory pre-drilled for Satek Pro Flight line of accessories allows you to build a very complete and capable flight set-up.

Volair Sim Updates

Introducing Volair Sim™ – World’s First Universal Flight and Racing Simulation Cockpit Chassis


Indianapolis, Indiana (October 15, 2012) –Volair Sim™, a leader in world’s most configurable and affordable flight and racing simulation products, announces product release of the VS-01 Volair Sim™ Flight and Racing Simulation Cockpit Chassis.

Volair Sim™ is the world’s first flight and racing simulation chassis that is factory pre-configured for most commonly used flight and racing simulation accessories such as Saitek, Logitech, CH Products, and more!

“We are pleased to announce the release of the Volair Sim™ Cockpit Sim Chassis – the cockpit chassis solution all serious flight and racing simmers have been waiting for. Volair Sim™ has been designed from the ground-up in order to provide customers with the world’s most complete and universal simming chassis at an ultra-affordable price point,” said Bart Waclawik – Volair Sim’s President.

Volair Sim™ is the world’s first cockpit chassis that has been factory pre-configured to accept the most common flight and racing simulation accessories such as Logitech® Saitek® and CH Products.

For flight simulation Volair Sim has pre-drilled mounting locations for all Saitek Pro Flight accessories including the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke, the Radio Panel, the Multi Panel, the BIP, Switch Panel, and the Instrument Panel(s).

The left and right side stick mounts are also pre-configured to accept a single or dual Saitek Throttle Quadrant(s), the Trim Wheel, etc. The pedal base accepts a wide variety of rudder pedals such as: CH Products Pro Pedals, and Saitek.

“There are no holes to drill, no hassle with trying to get your accessories mounted; just take your Saitek or CH Products yoke, rudder pedals and all accessories and mount them directly to Volair Sim chassis,” stated Mr. Waclawik.

For racers, Volair Sim™ is factory pre-configured for the Logitech® G27 racing wheel. Both the work table and the side stick mounts are also pre-drilled for the Logitech® G27 shifter. The pedal base is also pre-drilled to accept the Logitech® G27 racing pedal set for permanent installation.

Volair Sim™ is the leader in world’s most configurable and affordable flight and racing simulation cockpits. We combine our passion for flight simulation with the real-world knowledge of flight training, exceptional industrial design, and an unparalleled affordability.

Media Contact:

Bart Waclawik

Volair Sim – Flight Sim Configuration
Volair Sim with Three Monitors
Volair Sim – Top