Racing Set-up with Logitech G27

So today was a F1 day at the Volair Sim. We mounted the Logitech G27 wheel/pedals, and shifter. I am pretty impressed with the G27 – for around $200 you get a very solid product with a very good force feedback. For the software, we used the 2012 F1 sim – quite nice as well. Only problem was the driver! Man, I my driving skills were rusty. In retrospect, I should have started with something more arcade-like.

So the Volair Sim is pre-configured for the Logitech G27 which means you can permanently mount the steering wheel, shifter, and the pedals with screws vs. the clamps. This will give you an ultra-secure, stable set-up although to be honest the clamps work pretty well. So if you thinking about switching between flight sim and racing, you may want to use the semi-permanent installation so you can switch between the two set-ups.

Let us know if you have any questions. Happy racing!


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