Volair Sim Updates

Why Volair Sim?

We really believe that Volair Sim offers the best combination of features for the money. So, we took some time and did, hopefully, an unbiased comparison between Volair Sim and some of the most popular and respected flight or racing sim chassis systems out there. Here is a summary of features, benefits, and pricing:

I think you will agree that Volair Sim, simply stated, has the best bang-for-the-buck ratio. It is also the only sim chassis out there that has been developed from the ground-up with the VFR or IFR pilot in mind. There are no compromises – you get all of the mounts and accessories standard. This, combined with the fact that Volair Sim is the ONLY flight chassis out there that is factory pre-drilled for Satek Pro Flight line of accessories allows you to build a very complete and capable flight set-up.

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