About Us

Volair Sim specializes in design and development of affordable flight and racing cockpit simulator chassis systems and related accessories. We are based in Carmel, Indiana.  Our products are used by thousands of pilots, racers, students, and aviation enthusiasts worldwide.

Volair Sim was started in 2012 with the idea of making flight simulation more immersive, realistic, and ultimately more engaging.  Many of the aviation training devices (including many of the FAA-approved ones) are built around a table-top platform which naturally does not convey the look and feel of real cockpit and prevents the user from feeling the sense of immersion during flight. After all, we do not sit at a desk when flying real airplanes! Furthermore, we noticed that there were no affordable and easy-to-configure chassis options especially for the pilot or a flight simulation enthusiast. The chassis systems on the market were designed mainly for racing or general purpose gaming and did not offer the necessary features needed for flight simulation such as a fully articulated keyboard tray or an avionics table needed to mount the various controls and accessories. Flight simulation chassis also needs a place to mount the throttle panel(s), trim wheel, and be configurable for left, center, and right-hand stick controls. In short, there was a market gap that needed to be filled with respect to a sim chassis that would integrate all of the simulation hardware in a great-looking, ergonomic, configurable, and most-importantly, affordable way. 

We also noticed that most if not all chassis manufacturers sell a basic bare-bone system and up-charge a significant premium for various necessary mounts and accessories. We changed all of this with Volair Sim. Our customers receive all of the necessary mounts and hardware including the three monitor mounts and both the left, center, and right stick mounts standard.

We hope that Volair Sim will bring you countless hours of simulation enjoyment! We look forward to hearing your comments or suggestions. Do not hesitate to contact us via the Contact Us page.