Customer’s Example

Customer Example

Here are couple of photos from one of our customers. Brad is an aspiring pilot and plans to use the Volair Sim to complement his training as he progresses towards his Private Pilot certificate. Brad writes:

“Thanks again. I just wanted to send one last pic of my Volair sim build; complete with every panel hole filled and in all its glory. I’m just as excited to fly my sim as I am to fly in real life! FYI: I added a dimmable RGB LED Tape Light to the underside of the top of the panel for the ability to see the switches and knobs more easily. For, $8.00 it really serves its purpose as well as making it look even better in the darker room. Take Care! ”

I think you will agree that the set-up looks really nice and we wish Brad many hours of fun flight simming and best of luck as he embarks on this aviation journey!