Yoko Yoke Compatibility

Some of you may be interested in the Yoko Yoke compatibility. Courtesy of Yoko and Michael from XForcePC, here is the quick and dirty on the Yoko Yoke compatibility with our cockpit and the Volair Sim avionics panel. The good news is that it fits with the following caveats:

  • You will have to drill new holes into our avionics table as the bolt pattern on the Yoko is not matching up with anything we have pre-drilled.
  • The dimensions are almost exactly like Saitek so the panel cut-out will fit but the face of the yoke will have to be placed immediately behind the panel surface given that our panel has couple of corners for the Saitek yoke (see below).

The yoke is pretty nice so for those that want to upgrade from Saitek it is a good alternative. It offers longer throw and is all-metal so it has a very substantial feel to it.

Yoko Yoke 2
Yoko Yoke Fitment Close-Up
IMG_8242 2
Yoko Yoke Fitment with Volair Sim Avionics Panel

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