Back from FlightSimCon 2017

Back from the #FlightSimCon. What a great show. Every year it just keeps getting bigger, and better. It is VERY CLEAR that flight simulation is alive and well. Many of you will probably agree that if you made an assessment about five years ago, you would not reach the same conclusion (at least in the US). Today, we have many hardware and software developers enter the scene with new products, we have renewed interest from the younger generation. To sum up, it is good to be in the flight simulation industry!!! Most importantly, what I am most impressed with is the quality of people that we interact with. Over the years, I worked in many industries including automotive and medical and I must say the quality of people in aviation and flight simulation is simply the best. It is such a pleasure to go to a tradeshow and interact one minute with a 777 Capitan, next with a retired corporate pilot who is looking into flight sim to keep the dream alive, and then a father and son team who are both immersed in flight simulation as a gateway to a career in aviation. Great quality of people! Cannot wait for next year!


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