Volair Sim Updates

Volair Sim 1.2 and Updates

As we are nearing resuming shipments to our customers, few updates to keep everyone in the loop.

1. To all that have pre-ordered the cockpit or are going to preorder before the 15th of November, Thank You. You will all receive the center stick mount included with your cockpit. Note that it will be packaged INSIDE the master box so don’t panic if you only receive one giant box. We are still on track to start shipments around the 20th of November but note that we will be clearing a large backorder so you do not panic if you do not get your tracking number right away. Our goal is for everyone to get their cockpit before Thanksgiving so you all have something to work on to burn off that turkey and mashed potatoes!

2. To all that are going to pre-order, you MUST place the order before the end of day (15th) to take advantage of this promo. You do not need to do anything additional when you place the order – we will know that you are supposed to get the center mount free based on order date. After 15th, the price is going up slightly as the center mount is going to be included with ALL cockpits standard to keep up with our philosophy of ALL mounts included standard.

3. You will ALL be pleased that we have made some small improvements to the cockpit based on the user feedback. The version 1.2 that you all will soon receive includes 200mmx200mm VESA mounts for your center monitor standard. So, if you are one of the users that plans to use one giant monitor/TV, you will NOT have to buy any additional adapters/mounts.

4. The customers that have the Volair Sim cockpits prior to version 1.2, you will be able to order the center mount sticks after November 20th separately. Note that we will have a very limited amount of these made as going forward all Volairs will be sold with it standard so if you are thinking about getting one of these, you need to act fast!

5. Several of you asked us about ButtKicker compatibility. The answer is that it fits great and there are several options for mounting – one that is easiest and most “stealthy” is under seat – see photo below from one of our customers.


Note from our customer, “That’s the ButtKicker vibration unit. Namely, the Gamer II Edition, which features an easy-install bracing that fitted like a glove under the seat. In fact, the height of that frame bar was so perfect it even seems like it was designed for that very purpose… or maybe it’s just a really fortunate coincidence – Either way, this position gives it a pretty solid attachment and a huge bass feedback response on both the seat and the controls.”

6. Last but not least, a great example of an ingenious installation from William, one of our customers. This is an example of Volair Sim as a workstation/development studio/flight sim rig, etc. Hope that this shows you that the Volair Sim is a great platform for further customization. Here is the unedited review and you can follow his further progress here.

William Writes, “As promised, here are a couple of pictures of the setup I’ve assembled so far. it’s not entirely complete, and “complete” it may never be, as there’s always that “one last piece” of hardware that we can only stop ourselves from getting for a certain amount of time… then, the “kid in the candy store” factor takes over and well…  this is the result of that process repeated countless times up until now. Feel free to post this in your reviews/news section – It goes to show how versatile this system really is, given a little bit of creative engineering.

This new setup was mainly based on the concept of using a 39″ main monitor (tv) with a secondary 27″ mounted in portrait mode. The gap between the screens you see there is not visible from eye position when seated upright. The tv is actually set in the work table, a couple of inches in front of the side monitor. From my seated PoV, the bezels on the TV and monitor will generally overlap, leaving a much reduced gap than if the screen surfaces were placed closer to flush with each other.”


“It’s quite a non-standard setup, with the massively over-sized G15 keyboard I had to do some creative rigging to get the mouse somewhere to sit. That “custom mouse pad” is just a piece of scrap wood that I (hastily) cut a while back for use in my previous assembly. While I had to leave most of the old rig behind upon moving to live in Canada, I did somehow happen to have the foresight of bringing that piece with me – Add a 3-buck C clamp to it, and we got ourselves a proper mouse surface!

Notice the added trackball assembly. This was mounted by re-purposing the unused third monitor fitting plate and a couple of more C-Clamps from the local hardware store… The Razer Nostromo and Saitek throttle are also mounted on a previously built piece of assorted household junk and fitted to the chassis supports using adhesive velcro tape, as was the stick.

The Keyboard is mounted at a near-45 degree angle to the tray, making it very comfortable and stable to type on – for securing it at this position there’s another piece of old hardware from my old rig which consists basically of an old CD-case holder (who has CD’s anymore, right?) bolted to a metal plate of somewhat mysterious household origins. This plate provides a solid surface (whereas the triangular CD holder has multiple CD-case sized open slots) and there I used more velcro tape for propping up the keyboard.
Using velcro makes for easily reconfigurable attachments, which really pays off when it comes down to fine tuning positions for reach and comfort. The pedals are rigged the same way. Saitek even provides size-cut Velcro strips with the pedals for this. Very convenient.
The lil’ laptop on the side also doubles as my WiFi antenna, which my big rig does not have. A cable might be faster, but my roommates might have an objection to that, as the router sits in the living room. This is the same reason I opted not to use a 66-Watt 5.1 like my former assembly had, and instead opted for those nice cushy headsets.
Software such as Synergy and Display fusion allows the unusually-distributed screen space to function as a very fluid and mighty spacious desktop. This is needed because I don’t just fly simulators, I also develop them.”


William concludes with this, “True story:  Just today I showed a picture of this setup to a buddy of mine, telling him all about how much more I feel I can get out of my work just by having a proper work space at hand. He asked me – Out of all this hardware, what piece do you find the most critical for productivity? – I replied – “The seat”.”

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving and enjoy your Volair Sim cockpits!

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