Volair Sim at the Squadron Ops Sim Center

Squadron Ops Sim Center is a combat flight sim training center located at the Aurora, IL Municipal Airport (KARR). Greg Morris, a real-world pilot and instructor, opened the Flight Ops Sim Center with the goal of providing an immersive air combat experience combined with instruction from real-world combat pilots.

To our delight, Greg chose to use the Volair Sim flight sim chassis as a foundation of the simulators in order to provide the all-encopassing and adrenaline-pumping flight experience.

The Volair Sim systems are equipped with three monitor configurations, Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog controllers, MFDs, and TrackIR systems. Software-wise, Greg is running Digital Combat Simulator combined with add-on models and custom MDF programming.

Greg writes, “I have purchased nine Volar Sim seats for my company, Squadron Ops Sim Center […]. We run them with 3 27″ monitors, Thrustmaster Warthog stick and throttle, CH pedals, and Thrustmaster Cougar MFDs along with TrackIR. The Volair seat has been outstanding, incredibly durable even under commercial use, and the support from Volair is fantastic. Bart, the owner, is incredibly responsive and involved, even visiting our location personally to see how we were using the seats and get our input on new accessories being developed. The seat configuration itself is amazing and can be customized to any use. We do use the Thrustmaster Warthog stick with the moveable keyboard tray (they are compatible), and have adapted the center stick hardware to mount an MFD directly in front of the seat on the avionics tray. Prior to my purchase I evaluated all of the competitor seats, and Volair is by far the best. After thousands of hours of use I know I made the right decision. As we add new location we will continue to purchase Volair seats without hesitation or reservation.”

We, at Volair Sim, wish Greg and his operation continued success. If you are ever in Chicago area, take a trip to the Squadron Ops Sim Center and check out the Volair Sim cockpits installation there.

Squadron Ops  Sim Center - Volair Sim 5

Squadron Ops  Sim Center - Volair Sim 4


Squadron Ops  Sim Center - Volair Sim 1


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