Volair Sim Cockpit and Avionics Panel – Customer Story
A cool story from Jonathan, one of our customers:
“My wife and I were staying at my parents during COVID, as we closed on our very first home and were waiting for everything to go through. When MFS came out in July 2020, I bought my dad the Logitech yoke/rudder as a thanks for letting us stay at their house. He was a Cessna 172 pilot back in the ’70s and we were both stoked about MFS 2020. Sim flying became a nightly tradition after dinner. What became the most addicting was the landing challenges. We’d compete in a best-of-7 landing challenge every time. Lukla, Paro, St Barth’s, Saba, you name it. Once I moved into my house, I missed flying the sim a ton. I did my research and knew VolairSim was the way to go. I went all-in. Couldn’t help it.  Once I got everything, I put in over 300 hours of flying time. At that point, the itch to fly for real was too powerful. My wife got me a one-hour entry level flight lesson as an anniversary gift. I got to fly over the Hudson River and all around the beautiful NYC skyline on a perfect sunny day. My instructor was blown away by how I was handling the aircraft. He couldn’t believe it was my first time.  It was all thanks to the sim. I loved my lesson but haven’t flown for real again since. I now have a beautiful newborn at home, and for now, the sim is all I need. Thanks to online courses, I’m still committed to furthering my education from the comfort of my home, so I can eventually participate in VATSIM.”