Volair Sim Cockpit and Avionics Panel – Customer Review
Review from Jeff K along with photos of his Volair Sim as completed:
“Bottom line up front: This is an amazing product, and if you are looking for a solid, very functional, inexpensive flight sim or racing chassis, you need look no further!
I had been researching flight sim chassis for over five years, and while there are some (much more expensive) options out there which offer motion and/or/enclosure, I kept coming back to Volair Sim. For the price, no other rig came close in terms of what it offered…It was almost too good to be true.
And you know the old saying, if it sounds too good to be true…
Regardless, about a year ago I took the plunge and purchased the chassis and the Avionics Panel. The products arrived in perfect order and I began assembling the rig. I was a little nervous about the assembly process as I am not mechanically inclined in any way, but the instructions provided were very clear and if I did run into an issue, there is a very helpful video on the company website which walks through the assembly process step by step. It took me about two hours to assemble the chassis. I then began installing my Logitech flight panels, radio panels, yoke, and rudder panels to the chassis. Again, installation was effortless and everything fit perfectly, with no adjustments necessary.
Now came the fun part…
I had purchased three 31″ monitors to use with the rig (the largest size the chassis will support). I was concerned about how well (or if) they would fit. I shouldn’t have worried as even these behemoths attached easily and with some minor adjustments, lined up with each other perfectly!
I have flown close to 1000 hours with my Volair Sim setup (Thanks, COVID-19), and I have to say that the chassis has performed beyond my expectations. It is very comfortable for long flights, very sturdy yet light weight, which makes moving it very easy. To top off this review, I also need to mention the outstanding customer support I have received from the folks at Volair Sim. Whenever I have had a question (invariably on a weekend), I have always received a reply email the same day, or at least within 12 hours. It is obvious to me that they are very proud of their products and want to ensure the best possible experience for their customers.
I cannot recommend this product enough. Volair Sim has a customer for life.”