Using Thrustmaster TPR (pendular) Rudder Pedals with No Modifications to Volair Sim Cockpit
One of our customers, Charles, found a cleaver way to install the Thrustmaster TPR pedals with no modifications. Charles writes:
It’s possible to use the Thrustmaster TPR rudders with the VolairSim cockpit by removing the VolairSim rudder footplate . Tolerances are pretty tight, it needs to stay in the “sweet spot” in relation to the rest of the frame.
If you’re on carpet, the TPR’s rubber feet won’t keep it fixed enough. Use velcro strips (that came with the cockpit) along the axis of rudder travel on the parts that are in contact with the carpet.
Align the two rearmost holes on the footplate of the TPR to an imaginary line just touching the aft edge of the vertical tube of the monitor stands on the VolairSim rig (shown in red).
Test for travel – you should be able to get nearly full deflection. If you’re too far forward, the arms of the TPR will bite into the horizontal crossbar, if too far aft, the pedals will knock into the slanted tubes. Use the velcro or other fastening mechanism to stay in the “sweet spot”.