Triple Curved 32″ Monitors – Customer Example
Ever wondered about mounting 3 curved monitors. See post from Bryan S. who writes, 
“I used (3) curved 32” Viewsonic HD monitors with thin bezel line.  In the back center monitor VESA mounting plate, I used (4) 22mm wall spacers to push the monitor forward a bit. Hardware kit bought from Amazon.  
With this, when the left and right monitors marry up to the center monitor, there is no Z distance depth discrepancy.  All 3 monitors mate up in perfect symmetrical alignment!  The 3 curved monitors then produce a complete 90” semi-circle.  
For all the USB connections, I bought (2) USB hubs. The 1st one goes directly under (hidden) the foot pedals plate area.  It connects the usb to my monitors, Keyboard, TrackIR, sound volume control. Then it runs and connects directly to another USB hub, hidden directly under the seat.  It connects my Thrustmaster HOTAS, and recharge for my headset. With this set up this way, I only have (1) usb wire that runs along the left side frame and is zip tied to the frame for concealment.  
The monitors have (3) 15’ HDMI cables that run over to the computer, so the computer is not on the floor and is out of the way.  I have a 15’ multi outlet surge protector that also runs over to the computer area.  
So in all, I have only 3 HDMI cables and 1 power cable running from the computer Cpu and wall area, over to the Volair seat.  I used some floor tracking cable management tubes to hide those along the floor.  Everything else is connected to usb hubs, and power strip hidden under the rudder pedals plate.  It’s quite nice.  I have Nvidia RTX 2070 and it supports the 3 monitors being seen as one large one using “surround span displays” feature they use.  The resolution turns out being a massive 7680 x 1440.
I can send photos of my cable management underneath layer on. Everything is still dry-hung right now until I get the seat adjusted to the optimal setting for me (still moving seat around to fit).
You CANT go any bigger than 3-32” curved with the model I purchased.  It’s at the very limit. This is the model: